Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hairstyles Leonardo DiCaprio's Haircuts

Leonardo DiCaprio dam cool people who showed a handsome and dedicated in the work in the film world, many people mentukai Leonardo DiCaprio action. And during that time he evolved from a pretty boy to actor De Niro caliber. As a younger man, DiCaprio wore his hair a little longer on top. Some variations include long-haired blond bangs, almost perfectly round in the head. Then the long side swept hair texture and volume management to lift back from the face and add a little high. He also tried a long, sloping cut layers to show off the sharp, handsome features. He still occasionally rocks a little longer waves along the hairline.

The Best Dressed List-er has provided some retro 'do is try, like when playing a legendary eccentric Howard Hughes. Her hair was cut very short and layered on the left and texture longer with jagged cut for a slim and refined so that the extra volume can be separated and combed back from her face. Usually highlighting dark blond hair with a few slices of bright light blonde color to frame the face and bright blue eyes. Highlighting can also alleviate the severe, long one style, such as wedged cut that he wore in "The Beach," and then partnered with a messy beard.

The steps to get Leonardo DiCaprio's hair style

To steal a bit Titanic Leo style, keep hair cut close along the neckline, and a little more on the side of the layering in the front so it can split up to fit the shape of your face, or brush back from the forehead. For step-by-step style and sleek straight hair look, work a firm hold mousse through wet hair, and brush into place or blow dry hair to add volume. After these steps have been dried hair style, try a spray wax or pomade to add definition and shine to the finished product. A foaming pomade to give shinier hair, were wet.

If you're more interested in Leo's 2007 Oscar, dashing leading men slick back styles, haircuts most pointed and short, with long bangs combed back going and allow for a little fullness. When the steps style is clean and conditioned hair, add styling mousse and blow-dry hair back with a round brush to give a neat volume. style steps smoothing Then add a shine serum to the end, smooth look.

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