Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hair Style Trends 2010, short hair, medium hair, long hair

Year 2009 will soon be over. Whose name lifestyle or lifestyle will also change with each passing year. Usually tahun2 lifestyle for the future was designed in such a way as to welcome the coming new year. Well here's information about the hair styles that will be the trend in 2010.
Unlike the trend in 2009 and then, when short hair style is very dominating, the 2010 hairstyle trend is not only focused on one piece. Creative and arrangement, more focus on the 2010 hairstyle trend.
Short hair, medium or long remain a part of the trend depends on the creativity of the arrangement that made her look is not monotonous.

Short Hair
Short hair style, it still survived in 2010. Short hair can look more modern with the new arrangement. Make the ends of the hair seemed more pointed and focused on one side. Your appearance may be more young and chic. Making short hair in a bob a bit bumpy in the back is also a way to update the appearance. This is Victoria Beckham to make his appearance a new look. This short hair, suitable for your face or a thin oval.

Medium hair
If the hair-cut responsibilities, not too long and not too short, you could do many things to arrange. Makes it a little wavy or straighten is one way for new hair and different look. Layer slices can to make the hair look more volume responsibility. As for curly hair, pieces of layer can be made more easily arranged.

Long hair
Long layers are a mainstay for 2010 hair style and very cock for you who have the cheek of that slim impression. In order to look more refreshed look more layers make it wavy for glamorous impression.

Various electronic devices for hair already widely available on the market. Do not be lazy to be creative with these tools so that your long hair does not look monotonous. Blake Lively's hair style is long with large wavy layers you can copy to update the appearance of hair.

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