Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cute Short hairstyles for women

Fashion trends 2009 short hairstyles 2009
 short hairstyles 2009
This is a woman capable of both performance style also shows that feminity Xianjing side of the short hair. Vertical long-profile and long cool Liu brought a sense of Fashao wind and soft, while also helping to create dynamic female gentle atmosphere. From the color, emitting a steady Liangze the brown is more suitable as a basis, from head to face re-streaked around some Huihe Se, is more Dianjingzhibi, both rich and three-dimensional sense of personality.

 short hairstyles 2009
Seemingly inadvertently disclosed the onset of a lively personality, for the party short hair! Liu will be the preferred front side, both mature and leisure in the wind for party atmosphere. Only assertive women will be clear in the publicity himself in a relaxed fashion lovely.
short haircuts 2009
 short hairstyles 2009
Her dark brown hair is always easy to give people the feeling of heavy, if the hot surface to be a little Large, a blend of three-dimensional flu will appear immediately. Liu will stay a little longer, it will not be immature, and create a mature sweet atmosphere. This will let you in a certain hair on the party become a focus of attention.
short hair styles 2009
 short hairstyles 2009
The basic hairstyle in the first or BOB, the head of a little part of the pruning, so that the whole is more full of hair. Although the wind is a casual hairstyles, but also as very feminine. The main use of soft brown backing, and some small volumes of curling, creating layered.

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