Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2010 Hairstyles

2010 HairstylesHairstyles for the coming year are seeing a marked change from recent years. The perfectly coiffeured look of recent years is being replaced by a more relaxed and textured look. This is good news for those who have been hitting the hot irons to achieve previous years sleek hairstyles and need to give their hair a break. 2010 hairstyles could be called punky and grungy, but not to an extreme, it is more of an influence than a look.

2010 hairstyles involve creating a textured style. This can be done on any length of hair, cutting layers in, both choppy short layers and long layers. Layered hair can be tousled up using products to give a more textured look that adds interest to otherwise flat hairstyles. We will still be seeing the 1940s influence of perfect grooming, but it will be for nights out and special occasions, rather than in everyday hairstyles. The really fashionable will stay tousled even for such events, but it is a well controlled grunge look, rather than outright hair anarchy.

Updo hairstyles in 2010 are also less tight, with wispy bits left hanging free, curled into pretty ringlets, or even half updos, where only half the hair is twisted and locked into place, leaving the rest of the hair free to hang loose and move. Short hairstyles are elfin like, with the pixie cut popular and even the undercut (or bowl) making a show. In fact short hairstyles can be less choppy, the texture can be like glass, as the flapper bob demonstrates. Such 2010 hairstyles are geometric, so what is lacking in texture, is made up for in shape and definition.

Mens hairstyles are also following suit, with the 1940s pompadour style still popular, but many guys are taking the plunge and getting buzz cuts. It is all about simplicity and less maintenance this year. Mens hairstyles have always been textured, and this year is no exception. The most noticeable hairstyle for men is exagerrated quiffs, almost a parody of what was fashionable last year.

Fringes in 2010 have become wide. Blended into the sides of the hair using layers, the latest fringe styles can frame a face beautifully and they are being seen inches above the eyes, especially in short cuts, side parted, center parted, or worn as a bang, the look for fringes in 2010 is broad and blended, slanted and interesting.

Whatever your face shape or hair type, there will be a new cut that can update your look this year. 2010 hairstyles are full of choice and options that will suit everyone. You will not need a complete overhaul to get the latest looks this year, just a trim and some well placed products should do the trick to make you hot to trot for the coming year.

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