Sunday, June 7, 2009

Winter haircuts 2009 - fancy and warm hairstyles

The weather might be frightful, but your haircut doesn't have to be!Keep warm.
Forget curly hairstyles and layers haircut—for this winter, the look is practical and back-to-school! Everyone these days is sporting shoulder-length locks, from Catherine Turcich-Kealey’s new ‘do to Jim Strong’s long and grown-out look. The haircut is versatile—wear it up in a ponytail or a braid, or down with a simple barrette or headband. It’s a simple and straightforward style—perfect for a business-oriented winter!

Winter haircuts Catherine's smart and sexy in straight hair

Men: this winter, let your inner lumberjack shine! A beard, when paired with plaids and flannels, give you a coherent style, plus keep you toasty warm! And women will love snuggling up with you! Take heed from Stephen Potter or Dustin Hurt. Both were seen recently in West Philadelphia wearing this casual, sporty look. Beards look best on rounder faces, as they balance out features and can bring out the eyes. But be careful--there's nothing worse for Valentine's romance than thin, sparse facial hair or stubble! Winter haircuts 2008

Stephen Potter, with an unnamed lady (a new love interest, perhaps?) looking like he just got back from the forest!

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